Maintains the Elasticity of blood vessels. Helping the flow of Oxygen & Nutrients to the Body & Brain

Belgian Dark Chocolate

Lavle provides Naturally occurring FLAVANOLS and is a source of Vitamins & Minerals

Intelligent Nutrition

Natural Source of Micronutrients

FLAVANOLS help maintain a healthy blood flow
Your circulatory system is the pathway for delivering vital oxygen and nutrients to your organs and tissues.

• Cardiovascular health

• Brain health

• Muscle, skin and eye health

• Exercise performance

Made using a special process preserving 80% of the naturally occurring cacao flavanols, standard cacao processing retains only 30% of cacao flavanols.

Special cacao bean handling process to preserve the cacao flavanols present in cacao that are normally lost during cacao processing

Approved by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority)

Approved by European Commission Regulation (EU) No851/2013

Vitamins and Minerals



Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Folic Acid




Good to know

Nutritional Value

Where to buy

You can visit our online store by clicking the ``Buy Now`` button bellow.We currently ship to all of Europe and the USA - for other locations please send us an email.

Lavlé is available in pharmacies, drug stores and health food stores.

If your local retailer doesn’t currently stock Lavlé ask them, if they still don’t stock it, ask louder!