Flavanol Chocolate

The Healthy Way to Indulge

Lavle is a flavanol rich dark chocolate providing a healthy and indulgent experience. With 200 mg flavanol content per portion, it is the ideal daily portion chocolate to enrich your body with active antioxidants.

Not just any dark chocolate

The health virtues of dark chocolate have been known for years with various brands and producers offering high cocoa content dark chocolate. However, cocoa content isn’t the most significant feature to gain the health benefits of chocolate. Flavanol, an active phytonutrient naturally present in cocoa, is attributed to many health benefits, making it one of nature’s greatest superfoods. Lavle Chocolate offers a high cocoa content and a megadose of cocoa flavanols, making it the ideal dark chocolate indulgence.

Nature’s Supreme Superfood

Flavanol, an active phytonutrient naturally present in cocoa, offers antioxidant abilities and significant health benefits. However, they are largely lost during the conventional production process of chocolate. The Good Chocolate Company has toured the world in search of the best beans and the optimal processing techniques to maintain the high levels of the cocoa phytonutrients so that they can offer a truly healthy and indulgent chocolate.

A healthy indulgence backed by Scientific research

Scientific research, backed by an EU Health Claim*, has shown that the daily consumption of 200 mg of flavanols helps maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, contributing to healthy blood flow. As part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, flavanol rich chocolate is the perfect indulgence contributing to improved energy and vitality, cognitive health, and healthy glowing skin.

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