The Sirtfood Diet Chocolate

We are delighted to collaborate with the international phenomenon The Sirtfood Diet to bring you a gamechanger in the world of confectionary: an indulgent dark chocolate full of flavanol goodness.

Created by experts in nutritional medicine, Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, The Sirtfood Diet showed how plant nutrients can ‘speak’ to the trillions of cells in our body, to increase our resilience to stresses and disease, as well as burning fat. These foods are called Sirtfoods and have been embraced by hundreds of thousands of people around the world who want to look and feel well.

The Sirtfood Diet has been credited for singer Adele’s incredible weight loss transformation and followed by elite athletes all around the world, including UFC fighter Conor McGregor, who rely on their diet to give them the nutrients they need to perform at their best at all times.

Heralded as the ‘chocolate and red wine’ diet, it is a way of eating that celebrates dark chocolate as a wonder food due to its unrivalled content of healthful plant nutrients called flavanols.

The Story of the Sirtfood Diet Chocolate

While cocoa is uniquely rich in precious flavanols, the unfortunate truth is they are decimated by commercial processing methods. That means when you go to eat your favourite dark chocolate you get the great taste but you miss out on the incredible health benefits, which is a travesty.

Inspired to put this right, Aidan and Glen set out on a mission to achieve the best of both worlds; a dark chocolate that kept its wealth of flavanols while tasting delicious. A true Sirtfood. 

After five years of research and testing, Aidan and Glen are delighted to finally bring The Sirtfood Diet chocolate bar to market for you and your families to enjoy. Using specially selected Ecuadorian cocoa beans rich in flavanols that are carefully processed using a specialised method means the resulting chocolate retains its full natural flavanol goodness.

The outcome is The Sirtfood Diet chocolate; a deliciously indulgent dark chocolate containing 3 times more flavanols than standard dark chocolate.

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